PhD Research

My PhD focuses on the use of techniques from the social sciences, particularly psychology, to understand and overcome human-wildlife conflict issues. Please see Publications

In my early research, I was interested in examining the role that psychology plays in influencing the livestock management decisions of pastoralists in southern Kenya. With this work, I showed that various psychological factors influenced their behaviour; key amongst these factors were normative beliefs (what someone considers 'normal', and control beliefs (their self-perceived ability to carry out a behaviour). 

Having shown that psychology can be a useful discipline for understanding the causes of behaviour, I then set about examining exactly this influence is executed. As normative beliefs were the most important psychological factor in my initial work, my research focused on this. I explored the role of norms in determining livestock management in Kenya and Zimbabwe, showing that - despite massive regional differences - norms are important in both places. 

I am currently designing norm-based interventions in Kenya and Mozambique to test the efficacy of different styles of norm-based intervention.

If you have similar research interests or would like to collaborate on similar work, please get in touch.