Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust REDD+ Project

A carbon storage and livelihoods provision project in southern Kenya

I am currently employed as the social science/social impact assessment consultant for the Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust (CHCT), a Kenyan NGO which runs a carbon storage project in southern Kenya. Working with a variety of local actors, including NGOs and group ranches, this project helps to provide a sustainable income for people in the area through the sale of carbon credits. This work funds outreach, livelihoods for local people, and also prevent natural habitat from being converted to agriculture. 

As part of the certification for any carbon offset scheme, it is necessary for a project to demonstrate its net positive impact on local communities. I am working with the project to design a programme of data collection which will allow the project to demonstrate this on an ongoing basis. This involves a combination of good reporting from outreach events, community meetings, and structured surveys. All of this will be synthesised into reports every four years, and submitted to a certification body, which will evaluate the project's impact and allow them to continue to sell certified carbon credits. 

Among the major companies who currently offsite with CHCT are Gucci, Tiffany's, and Apple. To support the project, or offset your own carbon use, please see the MWCT website.