About Me

I studied Zoology at Oxford University, simultaneously working as a research assistant on a variety of projects studying African mammals. I have worked on everything from animal behaviour to evolution, but my core area of interest has always been human-wildlife conflict. 

Having worked on a variety of conservation conflict issues in sub-Saharan Africa, my research morphed from being wildlife-focused to human-focused. In my experience, understanding the human side of conflict is key to securing a solution. 

I am currently completing a PhD on the use of social psychology to design behaviour-change interventions which tackle human-wildlife conflict issues. For this, my work has ranged across Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. In addition to finalising my doctorate, I act as the social impact consultant for the Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust, in Kenya, and the resident conservation scientist for Luwire conservancy, in Mozambique. I also consult on a variety of other projects across Africa.

I work with various funding organisations, including the Rufford Foundation, Explorer's Foundation, and WWF Kenya. I am also National Geographic Explorer.