Laura Perry

Conservation Psychologist

I use tools from social science disciplines to try and understand complex conservation issues, focussing on conflict between people and wildlife. I consult on social science work and research design for projects across Africa, and am currently the in-house conservation scientist for Luwire concession, in Niassa, Mozambique.



I recently gave an interview for a Master's student, about my experience of conservation. I thought the answers were worth sharing, and...

Update: 15th of August, 2019

Scouting for social scientists Since June, I’ve been living in Cape Town. Apart from a brief foray to the UK, I’ve consistently been in...

The right whale for protection?

Last year, it was ‘The Mercy’: amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth) sets out to compete in a round-the-world yacht race, with...

I try (and fail) to get to Tanzania

This is the third time I’ve started this blog. So far, the pattern is: start, get distracted, lose a few days, life completely changes...

A little bit of background

“What exactly do you do?” “Oh, I travel… a sort of licensed researcher.” I love this (mis)quote. In part because it implies I am similar...



Please get in touch via email or instagram if you want to discuss research, media, or consultancy opportunities. I am particularly interested in helping projects to develop and implement effective social science tools.

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